All products of FINOBETON S.A. are produced according to the Guidelines
and Regulations issued by the European Union and the Technical Chamber of Greece
and the equivalent European or other international Standards.

  • Ready mixed concrete: 
    Concrete Technology Regulation (KTS '97), Concrete Technology Standard EN 206:2011.
  • Asphalt mixtures: 
    European Standard ELOT EN 13108.01, Technical Specification ELOT TO 1501.
  • Ready mixed mortars:
    ΕΝ 998.1 – Rendering and Plastering mortars 
    ΕΝ 998.2 – Masonry mortars
    ΕΝ 12004 – Adhesives for tiles
    ΕΝ 13888 – Grouts for tiles
    ΕΝ 13813 – Screed materials
    ΕΝ 1504 – Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures
    ETAG 004 – External thermal insulation systems for facades of buildings.